Lisa Yinxu Wang

Production Artist, Casual Historian Vancouver, BC

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Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a production artist in the animation industry. Please contact me via email at if you'd like to chat about my work.


Concept Art Costume Design Prop Design Character Design Painting Historical and Cultural Research


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustration Toonboom Harmony Maya Z-Brush Sketch-Up


Design Generalist [My Little Pony Feature]

DHX Media

Design, create and render props, background props, character costume assets and background prop
assets for production

Make revisions and upgrades of assets based on feedback from art director

Working in between Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony, ensuring optimal translation from
Photoshop concept to Toon Boom asset

Assisting the builds department with creation of assets and library content in ToonBoom Harmony

Designer [Nina’s World]

Pipeline Studios

Design, create and render props, background props and character costume assets in ToonBoom

Posing and rotation required based on storyboard and production needs

Make revisions of assets based on notes from client and art director

Maintaining high level of attentiveness at work contributing to high team morale

Co-leading extracurricular activities within the studio such as life drawing session and studio art blog
for the pursuit of proactive learning, self-improvement and enrichment of studio life

Junior Designer

Rainmaker Studio

Create designs following established style for project based on the vision of art director

Design and render props with realistic lighting and texture; communicate relevant design information
for props and environmental elements

Adapting new workflows and general guidance from teammates and art director for continuous selfimprovement


Sheridan College

Bachelor of Fine Arts Animation